With all the doom and gloom there’s been all week weather wise everyone would be forgiven for staying indoors and not even thinking about venturing out. To all intents and purposes winter was said to be arriving this week with lots of snow and sub zero temperatures but as ever here in Sanquhar the weather once again seems to have passed us by. We moved here 7 years ago from Norfolk, not a county famed for bad weather, it is in fact one of the driest places in the UK but believe it or no we had more snow down there every year than we’ve had in the time we’ve been up here. This morning we awoke to a very thin covering on  the ground, more like a dusting of icing sugar rather than a fall of snow. We’ve had the winds but on the whole they have been relatively warm, We had some rain and the river rose very high indeed on Tuesday but went down relatively quickly and it has hardly risen since but the snow that was threatened never came, not here anyway. I know further north they have had a lot of snow and of course power cuts too but as I say once again we’ve gotten away with it, Even just 2 miles down the road in both directions they’ve had a lot more snow than we have.

Bad Weather Promise:

We do make an important promise to customers though, if you book with us and are unable to come because of the weather, be it at your end or ours (unlikely) then we will happily either refund your deposit or hold it over till your next visit so there is no danger of you loosing out if you make a booking with us over the winter. This bad weather promise is there to provide you with some peace of mind as we know how unpredictable this time of year can be.

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