We’ve had some super people staying with us over the festive period and New Year this year was particularly good. We had our usual piper Mark with us again this year, it was at one stage doubtful if he would actually be able to come or whether he would have to send a substitute, he’s a policeman and was supposed to be working New Years Eve but thankfully he managed to wangle his way out of it so he could be here with us again. The good news is that we’ve already had a TripAdvisor review for New Year which of course is glowing!

Now the silly season is over it’s time to settle back down to the real work of the year. The weather so far has been kind and let’s hope it continues in this vein as we have a lot of work to do getting the house and garden ready for the coming months. We started decorating the bar/lounge area pre Christmas and desperately need to get on with that and get it finished as soon as possible as there is a long list of jobs waiting behind it to be done. I am hoping to get the greenhouse sorted out this year as it really is starting to show its age now and I want to get it to be a lot more productive than it has been in previous years. We normally grow a few types of tomatoes in it every year and try growing aubergines too as well as cresses and strawberries but this year I have far bigger plans for it. The greenhouse aside Julie also has her work cut out in the garden getting the veg beds ready for spring.

We’re also going to try to get the garage doors sorted out too as they are also showing their age and really let the front of the house and the garden down. Snipes bathroom is also on the list of things to do as too is the bathroom in Mallard – and so the list goes on!

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