Christmas Breaks In Scotland: 10 Compelling Reasons To Book One

If you’ve been browsing Christmas breaks in Scotland but haven’t yet booked up, what’s stopping you? We all love the idea of Christmas – the festivities, the goodwill to all men, but sometimes Christmas at home can be simply exhausting and very stressful.

Here are 10 great reasons why you should book up one of those Christmas breaks in Scotland right now!

1. Spending Christmas At Home Is Expensive

If you’ve got a large family who come to your house for Christmas day and beyond, you’ll find that you actually spend a small fortune to keep them all happy.  You’ll need some sherry for Aunty Edith, whisky for Uncle Tommy and of course some vodka/Martini/gin to cater for everyone’s whim.

Which is a shame if you only ever drink wine.  That’s £100 on alcohol that you won’t get too enjoy. And what about the food, the Christmas crackers, the mince pies, the Christmas cake? Costs are starting to really tot up.

But if you book one of those Christmas breaks in Scotland, the money you would have spent will go a long way towards paying for it.

2. You Haven’t Really Got Space For All Those Guests

Unless you live in a mansion, no standard house is properly equipped for the invasion of 10 additional family members. You’ll have to drag out the spare chairs from the garage, just so everyone can have a seat; the kids are bound to moan if you tell them to give up their favourite spot of the sofa for poor old Aunty Edith and her bad arthritis; and let’s not even consider the squabbles over the bathroom if some of your guests are sleeping over.

Ah a Christmas getaway is already sounding attractive!

3. Everyone Expects You To Be Delia Smith

Even armed with “Delia’s Happy Christmas” book, many amateur chefs find it impossible to roast the turkey to bronzed perfection, create just-the-right-crispiness roast potatoes and cook vegetables so they still have a little bite rather than being a simple soggy mess.

The timing is critical, the stress is immense, the helpers (kids) are too busy playing on their new gadgets and family members keep interrupting your focus in the kitchen with vague offers of “Is there anything I can do to help?”.

Just imagine – a Christmas break where the food is cooked to perfection, served with a smile, and most importantly not prepared by you!

4.  Family Have No Qualms When It Comes To Commenting On Your Food

Unlike friends you invite round for dinner, family members won’t hold back when they give you their opinions on your cooking. You may have to confess that yes the roast potatoes were a little soggy and there was a lump or two in the gravy, but do your eagle-eyed family have to appear quite so gleeful when they point out these culinary hiccups?

5.  Not Everyone Can Hold Their Liquor

For some, Christmas day is an excuse to get stuck into the gin/vodka/whisky/wine.  A few pre-lunch drinkiepoos, followed by lashings of drink during the meal. And hey presto, before you know it, Uncle Tommy is completely tiddled and starts to tell jokes far too risqué for the youngsters present.

In the worst case scenarios, Aunty Edith slips whilst stumbling to the bathroom (she forgot her cane) resulting in a trip to A&E or one of the kids drinks the alcopops you bought for your sister and spends all afternoon hugging the toilet.

If you treat yourself to a Christmas break – with just the husband and kids, or with a group of close friends – you don’t have to worry about who’s drinking what. You can just relax with a glass of red and sit by the fire after your excellent meal.

6.  There Are Always Good Excuses For Not Helping With The Clean Up

After Christmas lunch, everyone has had their fill – bellies stuffed, paper hat now at a jaunty angle – and each and every one has a simply fabulous reason why they can’t help with the clean up. OK we’ll forgive Aunty Edith and her dodgy hips, and Uncle Tommy who really does need to stay seated, but suddenly the kids have vanished, and the in-laws are glued to the TV.

If you’re lucky you may get 1 or 2 reluctant helpers, but since they haven’t a clue about what goes where in your kitchen, you’re bound to do the majority of the clean up yourself.

7.  You Can’t Get The Kids Off Their Tablets

It seemed like such a great idea to buy those tablets – and yes they do keep the little darlings occupied – but after 6 hours none stop (bar wolfing down Christmas lunch), don’t their eyes hurt?

You’ll only drag them away from their gadgets if you can offer something better to do. If you live in the middle of a housing estate, there probably isn’t much that comes to mind. But if you book one of those Christmas breaks in Scotland, and especially if you choose a venue in the beautiful Scottish countryside, you can get the kids outside for a countryside walk – even more fun if there’s snow on the ground.

8.  The Evening Can Get So Boring

For some reason, the TV companies believe Christmas is a time to re-run the old favourites.  Yes we adored all the “Only Fools and Horses” Christmas specials – but not every year. And how can you find something that the whole family want to watch? It’s as elusive as Father Christmas himself.

Now if you choose your Christmas break carefully, you’ll find that many hotels and country house hotels actually provide entertainment.  It may be a quiz, some fun games or live music. Far more fun and less stressful than arguing over the TV remote control.

9. Eat. Sleep. Repeat

If your Christmas day goes off perfectly and the whole extended family have enjoyed every minute then hats off to you.  But here’s the thing – you’re going to have to do it all again on Boxing day.  Christmas should be all about relaxing – but that doesn’t really apply if you’re the host or the chef.

Oh imagine the bliss of being holed up on a Christmas break in a beautiful Scottish retreat

10. Family Tensions Are Never Too Far From The Surface

It’s sad to say but the majority of families have some tensions bubbling under the surface. Being cooped up all day (or for several days) can be a trigger for resentments to get aired.  As the main host you may feel compelled to smooth over troubled waters, but do you really want the stress?

We think it’s far better to escape for Christmas!  There’s nothing more appealing than spending Christmas in a lovely, friendly hotel or country house hotel.  You can enjoy the festive atmosphere, the hospitality, the amazing no-holds-barred meals, the exceptional wine, the entertainment, the beautiful countryside, the cosy bar with its roaring fire and the pristine bedroom.

So what are you waiting for? Book one of those Christmas breaks in Scotland without delay!


At Blackaddie Hotel we offer Christmas packages for small groups and larger groups can enjoy our facilities on an exclusive basis.

For details of our Christmas packages at Blackaddie Hotel, please click here

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