I am really pleased to announce that once again, this is the 3rd time, I am on the short list of 4 for the Chef of the Year award through CIS, I was first shortlisted in 2011, then again in 2014 and again this year. Who knows, I might even win it this time! Mind you it doesn’t end there either as we have also been shortlisted for Restaurant of the Year in the CIS Awards – the 2nd time we’ve been nominated as we were listed in 2011 along with COTY. So 2 nominations in the one awards – surely we have to get one of them this time around ! Don’t we?

A big thank you to all that have nominated and voted for us we really appreciate it and who knows, if we manage to wine one this time it could really put us on the map! I certainly hope so.

We are also getting a lot of nominations for the Waitrose Good Food Guide Restaurant of the Year and it would be fabulous to win that one too – who knows 3 in one year, is it possible to get them ALL? Fingers crossed. You can vote for us at the following address: , even though we are not yet one of the front runners in this award there is still ots of time left in which to vote so please every vote counts

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