How pleased am I today to find that we have just been listed on MSN as one of the Good Hotels Guides cosiest hotels for Christmas this year and very nice it is of them too.

We have just spent the last few days re-painting the restaurant as it was starting to show the signs of wear now it is fresh and ready for that cosy Christmas we hope to have. Julie our new gardener is a marvel, I said in my last post that she was doing a great job in the garden well she is so much more than a gardener as she is now doing a great job in doors too, it is her that is doing the painting. Not only has she just painted the restaurant but she recently did the upstairs hallway, doors and skirting refreshing the whole area, she’s apparently spent some time training as a painter & decorator . Multi-talented staff they’re great and such a rare commodity!

19th November

19th November

It’s a cracking day today, the sun is shining, it’s not too cold and the rain seems like a thing of the past. The river is at normal levels and there ought to be fishermen galore but there are none and I don’t know why not as the season goes on till the end of November. Back in September when we expect to start to see the fishermen coming they didn’t as then there as no water, indeed it was the lowest I’ve seen the river in the 7 years we’ve been here. I even called some of them that were booked to tell them not to bother as the river was virtually empty and fully expected them to re-book before the end of the season. So if you’re a fisherman and you’re reading this the river looks perfect right now for catching a late season big grey back.


The last few days have seen us selling lots of gourmet menus, it’s strange how they go there will be none for weeks then all of a sudden there’s a spate. Just like Chef for a Day participants we have one on Friday and another on Saturday this week. This is of course the time of year we sell lots of vouchers for Chef for a Day as they are bought as Christmas presents.

We’re making great headway in the garden at the minute too and this dry spell will certainly help things. Julie our new gardener is doing a great job. She is putting in a lot of work into the vegetable garden preparing new beds and getting the existing ones ready for next year so I’m looking forward to a lot more home grown produce on the menu. It is fantastic to just go outside and pick what we need for that days menus, provenance has always been high on my agenda and what better provenance is there than to grow your own.


We are really pleased and excited by our new web site, at least we have a show case for what we do. While the old web site served a purpose it was way past its sell by date and needed to be brought up to date and my thanks go to Fionnlagh for the work he has put into it and to Robin for the fantastic photographs, with them the site would not stand out as it does.

Please have a look through and if you find any mistakes (there’s bound to be some, especially spelling mistakes) please feel free to point them out to me.