Crawick Multiverse

Carwick Multiverse is a major land restoration and art project utilising landscape art to transform a former open cast coal mine into an outdoor space that can be enjoyed by future generations.Privately funded by the Duke of Buccleuch and designed by globally-renowned landscape artist Charles Jencks, Crawick Multiverse is a stunning representation of exciting discoveries and theories of the universe.

This world-class landscape art design links the themes of space, astronomy and cosmology, creating a truly inspiring landmark that will appeal to everyone from art enthusiasts and scientists to the wider community.

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It really is something worthy of a visit and is open daily.


The Crawick Multiverse is a hidden gem nested in a bowl of rolling hills in the heart of Dumfries and Galloway (Upper Nithsdale).

This major land restoration project has transformed a former open cast coal mine into a spectacular artland and public amenity. The ecology of the site, and the materials found within it, inspired which is based around space, astronomy and cosmology.

– Approximately 2,000 boulders have been used to create the Crawick Multiverse site

– The Sun amphitheatre can hold 5,000 spectators

– The north-south line comprises approximately 300 boulders

– The site spans approximately 55 acres

-The Northpoint provides a 20-mile 360 degree panoramic view

– Around 300 boulders were used to create the Multiverse landform