Chef For a Day

Have you ever wondered – how do they do that?

If so then come and try our unique Chef For A Day experience –– It’s intense – it’s fun – it’s something you will find nowhere else – if you like to cook or know someone that does then this is for you – but……it’s not for the faint hearted – that’s why we only take one or two people at a time.

Join Ian and his small team in the kitchen of Blackaddie and see how they produce that amazing food. Not just a service but a whole day, from the beginning to the end, see what goes into a day in the kitchens of Blackaddie.

From the initial menu planning meeting with the chefs in the morning through the preparation and onto service, see how it’s done.

This is not your normal cookery school this is real hands on work in a real kitchen. No need to be nervous, neither Ian or any of his team bite but they are happy to share with the interested what they do on a daily basis.

You’ll learn so much at our Chef For A Day exeperience, and take away so many ideas that you’ll want to come back for more.